As you can imagine, carrying around video cameras in the Alberta wilderness for decades has provided us with reams of video footage. AWGS is proud to offer various compilations of this footage in a DVD series, which should provide you with a better look into our operations, along with hours of enjoyment and information. You will find hunter scenes/interviews, footage of our operating areas, set ups, and of course live Deer, Moose, and other wildlife.

Video Summaries

  1. Volumes 1-3 - this DVD shows the earlier years, including 10 min of Spring Black Bear, some interesting Archery scenes for the bow hunting enthusiast, and numerous interview and recovery scenes. Approximate run time: 155 minutes
  2. Volumes 4-6 - encompassing years 1999 to 2005, this DVD is packed with dozens of interview and recovery scenes of some truly fantastic Alberta bucks and some great general footage of our operations. Approximate run time: 185 minutes
  3. Volumes 7-9 - each volume details an individual year of operations, including our 20th anniversary special. In addition to many great rifle Whitetail interview and recovery scenes, there are archery Whitetail and Canada Moose hunts to watch. Don’t forget to check out the new “Out Takes” section, showing the lighter side of a hunt that every hunter can relate to…it’s become a real hit!! Approximate run time: 300 minutes
  4. 2008-2010 - a compilation of footage over 3 years of seasons, including rifle/archery Whitetail and archery Moose hunts. And back by popular demand, the “Out Takes” section will provide some laughter and probably bring back memories from hunting camps you’ve experienced in the past. Approximate run time: 160 minutes

Pricing (USD)

Order a FULL SET of 4 for $80.00
Order any 1 for $30.00
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Order any 3 for $70.00

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