Testimonials - What are Others Saying About our Service?

"Yours is the most organized outfitting service that I have seen. It is clear to me that you have spent more time in the field scouting than others I have hunted with."

- Russell Thornberry
Author and Executive Editor,

"I've been on 8 deer hunts in Canada and this was easily the best one in every aspect!"

- Greg Miller,
Outdoor Writer,

"I have hunted all across the range of whitetail and I have never known two guys who are more dedicated to fulfilling their clients' expectations."

- Dr. James C. Kroll,
Author and feature writer for NORTH AMERICAN WHITETAIL magazine.

Dear Tyler, Tavis, Ash, & Gunther:

I just wanted you to know that I had an absolutely incredible time while hunting with your outfit. It was way beyond my dreams and expectations and the memories of my week spent hunting with you will forever be etched in my mind.

Each and every one of you are to be highly commended on your continual efforts to see that each hunter has every opportunity to get a deer. Not only is the hunting a phenomenal experience, but the delicious food and warm and comfortable lodging was top notch as well. I hope to book another hunt some time in the future and, once again, hunt the "Land of the Giants".

If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate it if you would provide the names and contact information for the other guys that were at the camp with me (Don, Blarney, Ben, Roger, Richard, Rich, Tavis (Yukon Man ;o)). I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you again. I wish you the best and hope to see again you soon!

Paul Ambrose (a.k.a. Scrappy)

I booked with AWGS because the hunt is structured in the manner in which I want to hunt. I do not like to ride in vehicles in order to find a big buck! AWGS believes in stand hunting (among other proven methods) and the guides' knowledge of the area is excellent. The method in which an animal is taken is most important to me. I want to look at that big buck on my wall and be proud of him and the fair-chase manner in which he was taken. I am much more proud of a 150 class buck taken by honest, fair-chase methods, than a 170 class buck taken by running him down with a truck.

The camps that Terry runs are excellent. The guides are professional and they are constantly working to put you in the right place at the right time. They do their best to keep you motivated on those long, cold days that are necessary to take a big Alberta buck. You may be lucky once or twice and take an animal in the first day or two, but the law of averages will catch up to you. Long periods of sitting is the norm in Alberta and it's important to be prepared mentally for those cold days. Passing up small bucks becomes more difficult, but you have to stick with your goal. My goal for my trip was a 150 class deer or nothing. I passed up 2 bucks the week I was there that were 140 class deer. Terry kept us motivated by telling us "If you knew what kind of deer had been killed right here, you'd stay alert all day!" Words like those reminded me that I was in the land of the giants and if I was patient and vigilant, I'd get my chance. I got my chance on the last morning and made a good shot on a 153 class 9pt buck. I'm very proud of him and I thank Terry for putting me in the right area.

I highly recommend AWGS to any hunter who wants to earn his big Alberta buck. In the end, you will know that you have hunted and, with preparation and luck, have taken the toughest trophy in Alberta. I hope to return to AWGS one day and hunt the big ones - maybe a 160 next time!

Billy Pittman, SC

Dave, it's hard to believe that this year's hunt could surpass others I've had with you guys over the years! Every slammer Whitetail I've seen up there, is burned into my memory. My Alberta hunt with AWGS each year is in some ways - all that I think about down here in Florida! Say hello to all the guys - even the 'bagpiper'.

Greg Walker

As you know that was my first guided hunt. Some thoughts for you on how I feel about AWGS; Feel free to use this as reference material.

  • You are totally organized from arrival to departure.
  • The lodging is great.
  • Meals are great (I actually gained weight!)
  • Quality of deer is AWESOME.

As good as everything is, I was most impressed with the guides work ethic. The guides work their tails off daylight to dark. They have a primary and secondary plan, they will change hunt tactics as the situation calls for. They have a planning meeting every night to review the days events and discuss tactics.

My conclusion of AWGS is that Terry and David are in total control of everything (excluding weather and deer movement, don't forget this is hunting). They run a first class operation. They will do everything humanly possible to give their hunters a chance at a trophy deer...........why go anywhere else. They exceeded all my expectations, I'll be back.

Greg Smith
Mount Airy, MD.

Terry, I took my deer to the Texas Trophy Hunters Contest and won 1st Place for "Out Of State Non-typical". The score for non-typical Boone & Crockett was 172&7/8. I received a wood plaque and a certificate, plus a picture of me and the deer will be in one of the upcoming issues of the Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine. I can't wait for November!!


John Williamson

I was wondering if you could put me on the standby list for the West Camp for 2001, in case there are any cancellations. I hunted there this year and had a great time. Saw on average 10 deer a day, probably three bucks a day. Three were shooters. Two were out of range, but I should've had the third. It was a fun hunt though. Also, (if it's possible) would I be able to get in for the same week as Rich Janosz? Thanks.

Enjoy the Holidays,
Greg Losacco

My name is Al and I hunted with you during the first week of November in 1999. My guide was Ash McKone. I wanted to congratulate you on your new web page. I also like the new address. It's easier for me to remember and find.

I wasn't lucky enough to get a deer, but I truly enjoyed my hunt. Ash and Tyler ran a very professional camp and I plan on returning in the near future. I hope they both had a good hunting season. Good luck in the up and coming hunting season.

Al Whitehead

Now that the Wisconsin season is over I finally find the time to write and thank you for such an outstanding hunt. I hunted the first week out of the West camp and had the time of my life.

This hunt started with endless hours of searching for information and studying prospective guide services. This being my first hunt to Alberta I wanted everything to be perfect. I finally settled on AWGS and I feel that I have found everything I was looking for. The overall experience of the hunt, not just the hunting alone is what will keep me coming back. The accomodations were way above expectations and I immediately realized that this was more than a "canned" motel room hunt. The comrodery around camp and exchanging of stories at the end of the day is a big part of what I was hoping to find. I felt right at home.

The guides were exceptionally knowledgable, hard working, friendly and easy going.

I was lucky enough to take my buck on the second day of the hunt, a beautiful dark horned 10 pt. with a huge body. A deer I have been waiting a life time to see let alone call my own. My fun was only beginning as I spent the rest of the week following my guide Wes. I told everyone back home that it was like going to "deer hunting college" following him around. By the end of the week I felt that I had made a true friend and learned a hell of a lot about big buck movement.

I can't wait to do it all over again. I wish I could do it every year but I simply can not. In looking forward on the calendar I believe the second week of November 2005 looks like it might work for me. I know it's a long way out but please let me know how I can save that spot. Thank you again for such an outstanding effort on everyones part.

Paul Kitslaar

Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime. I truly enjoyed getting to spend the week of a lifetime once again in your camp. Some of my most pleasant memories as a kid were the week of deer camp each year with family and friends. So much of that has been lost recently with the rising demand for a "book" deer. Each time I return to your camp, it feels like I get to go back in time 20 years to hunt again with friends and family at the oh so familiar deer camp. What people fail to realize are the experiences and memories are a treasure that can be kept a lifetime. The opportunity for a deer is only an added bonus. Hope to see you again soon, at the old "family" deer camp.

Joel Pugh

I would like to theank you all for providing me with the opportunity to harvest the magnificent Buck I took this year.

You and your guides are absolutely the best! The accommodations, meals, hunting area and most of all your guides Darren and Ash are second to none. Besides working hard all week, they are like good ol' hunting buddies.

As I have in the past, I will continue to recommend you to everyone in the future.

Thanks Again,
your hunting friend,
Bruce D. Milau

Just a note to let you know that I have been more than satisfied with the 2 hunts that I have had the opportunity to share with you and all the folks at AWGS. Even though the hunting Gods have not blessed me with an Alberta trophy, yet, I will be there again this year hunting every available minute. Having witnessed the efforts, put forth by you and the other guides, it makes it easy to remain confident and sit out all day long, no matter what the weather, even -28 degrees. It has been my pleasure to have been able to share my hunts with Russ, the singing guide, and to have Carl Tamin as my hunting partner. Russ has worked extremely hard to locate and keep us in the best spots and his singing and stories are both worth listening to. Make sure you keep Gayle and Albert happy, so we will be able to once again enjoy her outstanding cooking and share their comfortable home. It is really nice, the way they make us feel right at home. Disappointed that the UP guys won't be there this year, but I know we will have another great time. Looking forward to another great hunt and fellowship with a fine group of people.

Donnie Knox
Texan in Saudi Arabia

Terry, my crew from the U.P. had a great time our first time up with AWGS. Although we are used to hunting big body deer in our area, the deer in Alberta are one notch larger. Even though I didn't harvest a buck, four of the thirteen bucks I let walk were bigger than anything I've ever taken in Michigan. Great hunt, great people, fantastic time! Thanks...

Steve from the U.P.of Michigan

The first time I hunted with AWGS it was one of those years when the tempurture never got above minus 10F it was a tough hunt, I didn't kill anything but I did see a few good deer and by good I mean deer in the 150 class and better, combine that with good food good accomadations good guides and most important a good area to hunt in, I truly came away with the feeling that I got my moneys worth and that is why after 8 years I am still hunting with AWGS.

Ray Eirand

I first came to Alberta to hunt with AWGS in 1999 and did not kill a deer. I was so happy and impressed with how organized and dedicated that these people were in trying to make my hunt and and stay a success, that I have been coming back ever since.

Carl Tamin