Alberta Whitetail Rifle Hunts

Alberta Whitetail Rifile Hunts

Our hunts cater to the travelling hunter looking for a quality hunt experience for Canadian Whitetails.

Our primary hunt tactic is "Ambush". This means we employ a few different types of set-ups that have our hunters in a situation where they are hunting undisturbed and non-pushed deer. The hunts are run in November which allows us to straddle the the mid November rut period.

Primary hunting methods that we use are Stand Hunting and Rattling/Calling.

Stand Hunting

Our extensive experience, combined with intensive ongoing scouting, allows us to position our hunters for an all day sit! Almost all of our hunters are successful sitting all day in one of three types of stands. "Texas" style tripods, ground blinds, and sometimes treestands. Hunters set up well before first light and stay out until legal hunting light ends.


We have produced many opportunities by having hunters rattle from stand on their own, or with their guide on a dedicated rattling setup. Either way, both can work very effectively only when the conditions are correct and set up properly. For added hunting info in our FAQ section click here.

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