Alberta Canada Archery Moose Hunts

Alberta Archery Moose Hunting

AWGS now offers 2 areas & timeframes for you to choose to hunt Canada Moose with a bow. Our 1st Rut hunt takes place in the middle to late part of September as the cows are just starting to come into heat. The area for this first hunt is quite remote, and you'll hunt out of our comfortable tent camp, while we do calling set-ups to get in on the action at the onset of the 'Rut'.

Our 2nd Rut hunt is run from a tent camp in our longstanding area where we hunt right from camp each day. Either way, the 'calling' we do on these hunts is our primary & productive tactic. Multiple bull encounters will be had!!

The overall Moose population is very healthy, and our many years of experience in both hunting Moose with bow, along with Guiding Archery Moose hunters, allows us to put our Archers in positions for shot opportunities on good bulls. Although we’ve found that a good number of hunters just want a bull Moose with a bow, the potential for the bigger and older bulls is very high, as we consistently tally sightings on some great bulls in the mid to high 40” inch category, along with some into the 50”s.

Our tactics during the rutting season center around ‘calling’ – or more specifically, walking into areas to set up and wait out ‘calls’. We walk many miles each hunt day, and can also sit many hours to wait out located bulls in an effort to work a bull into a shot position for you. On some occasions we get you off the ground for an extended wait of a few hours in a treestand setup, to get a tentative bull under you for a shot opportunity.

These hunts have proven to be ultra exciting, and very interactive hunts for our archers. Feel free to contact any of the references below, as well as getting in touch with us for more info, to help you in your planning for a hunt.

Archery Moose Dates & Pricing:

9 day package (7 1/2 days of hunting)
1st Rut Hunt - Sep 16th to Sep 23rd
2nd Rut Hunt - Sep 27-29th to Oct 4-6th
2:1 hunter to guide ratio
1:1 hunter to guide ratio
(USD) $6900.00 + $550.00 license*
(USD) $7900.00 + $550.00 license*

(packages do not include pre/post hunt accommodation or meat processing/packaging)

*Price subject to change

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