An Introduction to Your Outfitters

Alberta Map

Alberta Wilderness Guide Service is a partnership of three individuals - David Bzawy, Dean Bromberger, & Terry Birkholz - all of whom are born and raised Albertans. We share both a passion for hunting mature Whitetails, along with running quality hunting trips for our clients. Our experience runs deep! Having being in business since 1983, we know what the travelling trophy Whitetail hunter expects, and how to deliver the quality product our serious client is paying for.

Together, along with our experienced and knowledgeable guiding staff, we manage two highly successful operations for hunting mature Whitetails in two legendary areas of Alberta. Both of our hunting areas are located in the "forest fringe" habitat that borders the rich soiled agricultural land that Alberta is known for.

Our hunt method and tactics are simple – we set you up to "ambush" and "call in" bucks! You will not find yourself at any time during daylight hours hunting in a pick-up truck, nor will you find yourself being told to shoot at a running deer that was pushed out of a patch of woods.

We are professional and ethical in our approach and only want clients in camp that share our passion for big Whitetails and the ethical / fair chase aspect to harvesting them.

Our success rates are some of the highest you’ll find – considering you should be striving to find an outfitter that produces "multiple opportunities" on mature bucks. Our opportunity ratio ranges around 125 to 175% year over year on “shooter” class bucks – that is 140" or better.

Most of AWGS clientele have hunted here for years, so you’ll find a more selective hunter in our camps that tend to "pass" on a 140" – 150" type deer. So, as a result, our actual kill ratios hover around 55 to 60%, but that is on some great bucks!